View from inside aluminum patio cover

Aluminum Patio CoverAluminum Recycling at Tropicana Solariums and Patio Covers

Did you know?: Recycling aluminum is more than just helping our environment. There are many environmental benefits of aluminum recycling such as: Saving Precious Natural Resources, Energy, Time and Money. By not throwing out your recyclables, you are helping out the earth, as well as the economy and local communities.

At Tropicana Solariums we care about the environment. We all have our part in helping to save the planet. That's why all excess scrap metals not used on your aluminum patio cover, sunroom or solarium  are removed upon job completion. The leftover aluminum is then delivered to its proper recycling plant to be reused or recycled into another product. It's just another way to reduce our carbon footprint while keeping you cool under your fresh new cover!