Non-insulated solid v-pan roofsNon Insulated Solid V-Pan Roofs

V-Pan roofs used for walkways, deck covers and carports, are a practical and inexpensive alternative to traditional covers.

Pre-fabricated modules are strong, yet light weight, installed in a fraction of the time needed as a traditional roof. An integral, concealed gutter keeps the water away and its structure meets or exceeds the building code for snow and wind load. The support system is finer than wood at the same strength, so no bulky eyesore 2 x 8 lumber required.

As a deck cover, it can be used at a lesser slope and larger span than other construction materials. Supported by 3 inch rigid aluminum square posts and cross beam, it will withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Post and Beam System

Posts come in 3 inch aluminum square tubes. I-beams are aluminum extruded at 4 inches thickness. For extreme support applications, 4 inch double I-beams or 6 inch double I-beams are used.


24 inch Wide interlocking V-Pans at .032 inch thickness

Integral Mounting System

All members are connected with specialized brackets designed to accept heavy mounting screws to foundation and to post/beam structures.


All roofs carry a built in gutter, made and finished to exactly match the rest. It blends in to keep the overall appearance uniform.


All components are made of industrial grade aluminum. Top panels are roll formed. Side fascias, gutters and wall hangers is extruded aluminum, not roll formed.

Skylight Options

These are 24 inch opaque, clear or smoked poly-carb panels. We also offer clear or smoked tempered glass skylights as well. We can also custom build your patio cover with an all glass or all poly-carb roof, or a double glazed insulated roof.