Non-insulated patio coverNon Insulated Patio Covers

We offer a wide range of prefabricated permanent patio covers, mainly non-insulated aluminum modular panels.

The common feature to all our roofs are they are prefabricated to suit your measurements, meaning there is little time spent on site and no mess at all. With traditional construction, fabrication may drag on forever. All components are manufactured right here in Kelowna. Expertise and craftsmanship is closely controlled and monitored leaving no room for on-site errors.
Unlike traditional wood and shingle structures which last for limited time and require constant upkeep, our patio covers will last for many years and require no maintenance.

To comply with our extreme Canadian weather conditions, where wind and snow load resistance are paramount, all components are engineered to pre form in concert and most configurations carry detailed engineering specifications to comply with your local building codes.