A Kelowna Patio Cover

Kelowna (and Area) Patio Covers - Process, Design, Materials, Codes, Guarantee and Warranty

For your home, a new patio or deck cover adds greatly to your outdoor living space for year round enjoyment. Backyard patio covers provide a special outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining friends and family, relaxing or dining, and just enjoying cool shade away from our hot Okanagan sun. Below, you'll learn of the process, design, materials, guarantee and warranty of Tropicana's patio covers. Click here if you'd like to see our photo gallery of patio covers.

Patio Cover Process

Tropicana is Kelowna’s only manufacturer of aluminum patio covers. Our roll-form machine eliminates unnecessary shipping delays guaranteeing a faster install time. Our Patio Covers are custom designed, manufactured and installed to your Kelowna or area locations unique specifications. We come to your home, commercial building or business, measure, prefabricate your new patio cover at our location, and then return and install it. This means there is little time spent on site and no mess. All our patio and deck covers are specifically engineered for use on different styles of residential homes, commercial buildings and businesses. We can also design and manufacture your patio or deck cover to allow for future conversion to a sunroom, enclosure or screened patio room.

Patio Cover Design

Maybe you've been in someone's home and seen firsthand how a backyard patio cover or deck cover can enhance an outdoor living space? You can create your dream for a backyard or outdoor living space. You may even have your own design ideas for something truly unique. In any case, we take care of the patio cover design, engineering, manufacturing and professional installation. Show us your plans and ideas! Tropicana is your patio cover specialist, we can bring your ideas to life.

Patio Cover Materials

Each outdoor living space is a unique creation. As such one patio cover material may suffice in some applications. Other installations may lend themselves to a composite of patio cover materials for both esthetic and structural reasons. We can manufacture and install Aluminum Patio and Deck Covers, Glass Patio and Deck Covers, Acrylic Patio and Deck Covers or, any combination of the three. Custom designs and colours are meant to showcase your home by expanding your present living area and by creating an attractive outdoor living space.

Patio Cover Codes, Guarantee and Warranty

Our custom patio covers don't leave anything to chance. We build a properly engineered, structurally sound patio cover that adds value and quality of life to your residence, commercial building or business. Our covers meet or exceed all building codes across North America. Our patio and deck covers are built to last and resist corrosion. Our patio covers are manufactured with Canadian snow loads in mind. Skylights of various types, styles and materials are available for all of our covers. Insulated roofs that can be enclosed in the future are optional. All of our outdoor living products are fully guaranteed and come with the best warranties in the business!